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API Specific Gravity of Petroleum Products – ASTM D287, D1298, D3142, D6822


Heated Baths for Density, Specific Gravity and API Gravity Determination

Heated Baths for Density, Specific Gravity and API Gravity Determination

Model 28-1 is a single position “heated tube” design that does not require a glass hydrometer cylinder to put the test sample in. The metal tube is filled to the top with the sample where it is brought to the desired test temperature. The hydrometer is placed into the tube to determine the API or specific gravity. An overflow catch collar collects the excess sample to waste. After completion of the test a drain valve is opened and the sample is discarded to a waste container or sink.

Models 28-2 and 28-6 are similar to Model 28-1 but with 2 and 6 test positions, respectively.

Model 177-12 accepts twelve 2 inches diameter by 16 inch long hydrometer cylinders for measurement of API or specific gravity at temperatures from ambient to +100°C. It has an agitated liquid bath and overflow pipe to maintain the correct bath level when the hydrometer cylinders are immersed. The 17 inch deep stainless steel, insulated bath is electronically heated and its temperature control is provided by digital indicating temperature controller with resolution to 0.1°C providing temperature stability or better than ±0.1°C.

The cabinet dimensions are 31″x 16″x 21″. Shipping weight is 200 lbs/27 cu.ft.

Model 177-6 is similar to Model 177-12 but a smaller bath to accept 6 test tubes.

Model 177-4D is a 12 inch diameter by 18 inch borosilicate glass jar with support to hold vertically 4 test cylinders. Temperature control is provided by a digital display adjustable controller. The agitated bath is also protected by high temperature limit switch as well as a low bath liquid level switch.

  • Conforms to ASTM D287, D1298, D3142, and D6822
  • Models available from 1-12 test positions
  • Operating temperature up to 100°C
  • Temperature stability ±0.1°C
  • Unique, fixed stainless steel cylinder tube in baths
  • Unique individually heated tube baths
Model Number Test Positions Type of Bath
28-1 1 Heated Tube
28-2 2 Heated Tube
28-3 3 Heated Tube, no test tube needed
28-4 4 Heated Tube, no test tube needed
28-6 6 Heated Tube, no test tube needed
177-4 4 Glass Jar
177-6 6 Stainless Steel
177-12 12 Stainless Steel
Part Number Description
AP-1 Flat Bottom Hydrometer
AP-2 Support Rack for 12 Test Cylinders (P/N AP-1)
AP-3 API Gravity Hydrometers (Specify ASTM size 1H to 10H, 21H to 40H)
AP-3A Specific Gravity Hydrometers (Specify ASTM size 81H to 108H)
AP-4 Protective shield for Model 177-4 jar when operating above 60ºC