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Temperature Stability is Critical for ASTM D445 Kinematic Viscosity

Temperature control is the single most important parameter for obtaining accurate and precise kinematic viscosity measurements. For petroleum products even more so, as their rate of viscosity change per unit of temperature is significantly greater than other types of materials. Thus, a slight variation in temperature can have a very large effect on the viscosity […]

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Kinematic Viscosity Testing Advice for ASTM D445 KV Test

The entire length of the viscometer must be maintained at the appropriate temperature. The type of circulator used, the age of the bath fluid, and the bath fluid viscosity will impact temperature uniformity. The circulator and the viscosity of the KV bath fluid need to be balanced to provide a uniform temperature throughout the bath. […]

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Certification of the Diffuser for ASTM D892 and D6082 Foam Testing

The diffusers used in foam testing must meet a certain permeability and pore diameter. The diffusers, especially the ceramic stones, change over time and fall out of specification, sometimes very quickly. They should be verified at least every week or every ten tests. The frequency necessary can only be determined by individual laboratory based on […]

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