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Rust-Preventing Characteristics of Mineral Oil – ASTM D665, D3603, D7548 | NACE TM-01-72 | IP 135


Key features for the Fully Automated RU Series
Each test position:
– can be independently used for testing
– has dedicated precision motor running at 1000 RPM
– has dedicated water delivery system
– has dedicated RTD temperature probe
– has a chuck for easy removal of sample stirrer
– has dedicated timer for test duration and water delivery
– has custom software that offers feedback updating you on status for each test

The RU-L and RU-HT series are fully automated and designed for rust testing as per ASTM, DIN, NACE, and FTM specifications.

Sequence of bath operation for fully automated models
– operator adds water into each of the 6 reservoirs above each of the beakers.
– operator prepares and inserts the beakers (with test oil, covers, and stirrers) into the bath as per ASTM D665 method. The test rod assembly (includes the steel rod and holder) are mounted on a holding rack above the individual beakers.
– stirrers and the timer are started.
– from this point and until the completion of the test the operator is no longer involved
– when the test oil temperature reaches 60°C, the steel rod holding rack is automatically lowered such that the steel specimens are inserted into test oil as per ASTM D665.
– after 30 minutes of agitation, the water is automatically released into the beakers.
– after 4 hours of agitation the holding rack with the steel test rods are automatically raised from the beakers, the stirrers are stopped and an alarm alerts the operator. The timers are reset for the next test.
– steel rods are now ready for visual rating of rusting.

Key features for the Manual RU Series
The RU-M and RU-S series are manual instruments.  The RU-M series is our traditional and most budget friendly model.  It is a liquid bath, with one temperature controller, and has individual motors for each position.  The RU-S series is identical to the RU-M series with the added benefit of a built in PLC and touch panel enabling manual control of the stirrer motors, temperature, and timers.

  • Fully conforms to ASTM D665, D3603, D7548, NACE TM-01-72, IP 135
  • Automated Operation Liberates Operator for Other Duties
  • Reduces Operator Errors
  • Improved Precision
  • Liquid Bath or Liquid Free Bath
  • Operation Parameters Adjustable via Color Touch Panel
  • Stirrers Agitating at Precisely 1000 rpm, ±0 rpm
  • Stirrers Adjustable from 0 to 1100 rpm
  • Temperature Range ambient to 70°C
  • Temperature Stability of ±0.1°C
Model Number Description
RU-L4 Automated Liquid Bath for Rust Testing, 4 positions.
RU-L6 Automated Liquid Bath for Rust Testing, 6 positions.
RU-HT4 Automated Individually Heated Tube Bath for Rust Testing. 4 positions.
RU-HT6 Automated Individually Heated Tube Bath for Rust Testing. 6 positions.
RU-M4 Manual Liquid Bath for Rust Testing. 4 positions.
RU-M6 Manual Liquid Bath for Rust Testing. 6 positions.
RU-S4 Manual Liquid Bath with built in PLC and Touch Panel. 4 positions.
RU-S6 Manual Liquid Bath with built in PLC and Touch Panel. 6 positions.

* Please specify ASTM D665, D3603, D7548, NACE TM-01-72, or IP 135

Part Number Description
L636-1 Polishing device with chuck (115 Volts)
L636-2 Polishing device with chuck (230 Volts)
RS-35 Holding chuck (for polishing test specimen. Spare)
RS-36 400 mL beaker for D665, D3603, D5534, each
RS-36N 400 mL beaker for NACE test, each
RS-37 Beaker cover (PMMA) for D665, NACE, each
RS-37A Beaker cover (PMMA) for Lawler D665, NACE Automatic Units, each
RS-38 Steel test specimen for D665, NACE, each
RS-40 Teflon holder (PTFE) for D665 specimen, each
RS-41 Rust testing assembly with specimens for D3603
RS-42 Beaker cover for D3603 and D5534
RS-43 Horizontal disc test specimen for D3603
RS-44 Vertical test specimen for D3603
RS-45 Clear plastic stirrers’ shield for 4 position baths
RS-46 Clear plastic stirrers’ shield for 6 position baths
RS-47 NACE Air purging system of electrical enclosure with differential pressure gauge & remote air blower for reduced fire danger – NOT Certified Explosion proof
RS-48 Paddle and Shaft, D665, NACE. Spare
RS-49 DIN 51355 Paddle and shaft
RS-50 FTM 791-5315 Paddle and shaft
RS-52 Steel test specimen for D5534
RS-53 Water beaker for D5534 part B
SCP-15 Silicon carbide paper 150-grit (50 sheets)
SCP-24 Silicon carbide paper 240-grit (50 sheets)
IG-AC Instrument grade air control assembly