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Refrigerated Chiller for Specifications: ASTM D97, D2500, D2386, D2602, D3829, D4684, D5293, D6371


Refrigerated Chillers Accessory for Automotive Lubricant Tests and Fuel Cold Properties Tests

Refrigerated Chillers Accessory for Automotive Lubricant Tests and Fuel Cold Properties Tests

All models use a refrigeration system with two hermetic compressors in a cascade configuration for dependable long-term operation. Only chlorine free, ozone friendly refrigerant are used. Indicating temperature controller provides temperature stability of ±0.5°C. These baths are specifically designed to cool the CCS (cold cranking simulator) and the MRV (mini rotary viscometer) as per ASTM D5293 (formerly D2602) and ASTM D3829 and D4684, respectively

Model MRCC-1 is a bench top cooler with a bath (7 liter) capable of accepting one recirculating pump for the delivery of cooling fluid to either the CCS or MRV instruments. It lowest operating temperature is -50°C.

Model MRCC-2 is identical to Model MRCC-1 but with a larger (13 liter) bath able to accept two recirculating pumps for the simultaneous delivery of cooling fluids to CCS and MRV instruments.

Model MRCC-3 is similar to Model MRCC-2, but has two independent 7 liter baths, each independently controlled, sharing a common refrigeration system. This unit allows the simultaneous operation of two CCS instruments, or two MRV, or one CCS and one MRV instrument testing at widely different temperatures.

Models MRCC-2-LT, -3-LT are identical to Model MRCC-2, and -3, respectively, but have the lowest operating temperature to -70°C.

Models MRCC-1V, -2V, -2V-LT, -3V, and -3V-LT are in bench space saving vertical configuration to conserve valuable bench top space, requiring only 2.8 square feet. They are equal to Models MRCC-1, -2, -2-LT, -3, -3-LT, respectively.

Model MRCC-80 is expressly designed for cooling up to 3 automated cloud and pour point analyzers. It can cool these analyzers to -51°C tests temperature.

Model MRCC-5 The typical petroleum products testing laboratory has been burdened by frequent chiller failures which cool the automated cold properties analyzers. This shutdown impacts the expense budget requiring testing by an outside lab as well as cost of replacement of the chiller’s compressor, the primary failure point. Such chillers are used to cool automated analyzers for cloud, pour, freeze, and CFPP.

Model MRCC-5 is based on the technology used successfully for decades for cooling the cold crank simulator (CCS) and the mini-rotating viscometer (MRV). The refrigeration system has been especially designed to provide added cooling capacity and, more importantly, a system of internal backup to guard against cooling failure.

Lawler now offers MRCC-5 with a 5 Year guarantee against compressor failure. The guarantee further includes cost of repair, replacement, freight, and/or associated costs. Considering costs of operation disruption, the premium cost of Model MRCC-5 over competitive chillers pays for itself just in a single compressor failure.

Model MRCC-5 has a sealed bath of approximately 3 gallons (11.5 L) capacity, with a drain valve and with integral pump delivering -70°C liquid to the analyzers. To reduce icing, a typical problem with cryogenic chillers, the bath is heavily insulated with two types of insulation. A provision has been made for purging the bath medium with dry instrument air or nitrogen to extend the useful life of the bath medium. This will reduce shutdowns as well as disposal costs. The bath stability is ±0.5°C and maintained by a digital indicating controller. A float provides protection against low bath medium level.

Model MRCC-5 is a compact, caster mounted, floor model with approximate dimensions of 30 x 26 x 34 inches (76 x 66 x 86 cm)

    • Heavy-duty refrigerated coolers for use with:
      • Cold cranking simulator (CCS) by ASTM D5293 (formerly D2602)
      • Mini-rotary viscometer (MRV) by ASTM D3829 and ASTM D4684
      • Cold Properties Tests Pour Point, Cloud Point, CFPP, Freeze Point
      • Can cool both CCS and MRV simultaneously
      • Two temperature operation with Model MRCC-3
      • Continuous cold temperature operation between 0° and -50°C, or 75°C
      • Digital indicating PID temperature controller
      • Up to 25 year old units are still in daily use
      • Five year guarantee against compressor failure for MRCC-5
Model NumberNumber of BathsLowest TemperatureDescriptionCabinet DimensionsShip Weight lbs/cu.ft
MRCC-11-50°COne pump capacity28x28x16 (70x70x40)210/15
MRCC-1V1-50°CSpace saving vertical model24x19x27 (60x48x68)230/17
MRCC-22-50°CTwo pump Capacity28x28x16 (70x70x40)210/15
MRCC-2V2-50°CSpace saving vertical two pump capacity24x19x27 (60x48x68)230/17
MRCC-2LT2-70°CVery low temperature operation28x28x16 (70x70x40)250/16
MRCC-2VLT2-70°CVerticle model for low temperature operation24x19x27 (60x48x68)310/18
MRCC-32-50°C2 independently controlled baths28x28x16 (70x70x40)310/17
MRCC-3V2-50°CVertical model with two independently controlled baths24x19x27 (60x48x68)210/18
MRCC-3LT2-75ºC2 independently controlled low temperature baths28x28x16 (70x70x40)260/16
MRCC-3VLT2-75ºCVerticle model with two independently controlled low temperature baths24x19x27 (60x48x68)275/18
MRCC-80N/A-70ºCFor cooling up to 3 automatic cloud and pour point analyzers to -51ºC22x26x36 (55x65x90)370/20
MRCC-5N/A-70ºCFor cooling up to 6 automatic cloud and pour point analyzers26x30x45 (65x75x112)290/20
Part NumberDescription
PCV-LM-115Pump for CCS unit 120V, 50/60 Hz
PCV-LM-230Pump for CCS unit 230V, 50/60 Hz
PM-LM-115Pump for MRV unit 120V, 50/60 Hz
PM-LM-230Pump for MRV unit 230V, 50/60 Hz