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Foaming Tendencies of Engine Coolants – ASTM D1881


Foaming Tendencies of Engine Coolants

Foaming Tendencies of Engine Coolants

Model 98-1 and Model 98-2 (one and two test positions, respectively) meet the requirements ASTM D1881 Foaming Tendency of Engine Coolants test method.

The 12 inch diameter borosilicate glass jar is temperature controlled at 88º C with a stability and uniformity of ± 0.5º C. The temperature controller has an over temperature protection in the event of primary controller failure. A float also protects by shutting down the heater if the water level drops.

A ball in tube flow meter with a precision control valve is provided for each test position. The air flow rate is controlled at 1000 ± 25 mL/min.

  • Conform to ASTM D1881 Foam Test Method
  • Operates at 88ºC with stability of ± 0.5ºC
  • Clear Jar with a Shield for Added Safety
  • Available as One or Two Test Positions
Model NumberDescription
98-1Heated liquid test bath with 1 flowmeter, 1 test position
98-2Heated liquid test bath with 2 flowmeters, 2 test positions
Part NumberAccessories (Not included with available models)
EC-1Test Assembly- 1 each: cylinder, diffuser, air delivery tube, lead washer, stopper
FM-3NCCertified spherical alumina gas diffuser
EC-3Graduated 500 mL cylinder with collar
EC-5Four position test cylinder storage rack
FM-14/15Air supply pump assembly with Air drying tower (FM-14+ FM-15) (115 Volts)
FM-14/15AAir supply pump assembly with Air drying tower (FM-14+ FM-15A) (220 Volts)
Part NumberDiffuser Certification Apparatus
FM-18PCPC controlled apparatus (visual detection)
FM-19PCPC controlled apparatus (automatic detection)