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Oxidation Stability of Gasoline (Induction Period Method) – ASTM D525, D873, D942, D5304


Oxidation Stability of Fuels

Oxidation Stability of Fuels

Model 144 is a circular solid aluminum block accepting 4 oxidation bombs. Operating temperature range is 40° to +200°C. A digital indicating controller with 0.1°C resolution provides temperature stability and position to position uniformity of ±0.1°C. The bath is protected against over heating by a temperature limit switch. Overall dimension are 19 x 14 x 15 inches (48x 35x 38 cm) (LWH). Shipping weight is about 170 lbs (77 kg).

  • Heated aluminum block bath available in 4-8 test positions
  • Eliminates use of heating liquid medium and its hazards
  • Digital indicating Temperature stability of ±0.1°C
  • Temperature range of 40° to 150°C
Model NumberDescription
1422 Position aluminum block bath
1446 Position aluminum block bath
1488 Position aluminum block bath (2 independent blocks x 4 positions)
1888 Position liquid bath
Part NumberDescription
OX-1Oxidation pressure vessel, D525, D873, D5304
OX-2Glass container and cover, required with OX-1
OX-32-pen Circular Chart Recorder CIR-2 with (2) PX Pressure Sensors
DAQHigh definition touch screen digital data recorder
OX-5Aluminum insert to convert aluminum block baths for ASTM D130, each
OX-8AHolding vise to aid closing and opening of test bomb
OX-8BWrench for closing and opening of test bomb
OX-9Oxidation pressure vessel, D942
OX-9AOxygen Transfer Hose, D942
OX-11Glass Sample Dish, pack of 5. D942. Five fit in each pressure vessel