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Oxidation Stability of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) for Biodiesel – ASTM D6751 | EN 14112, 15751 | ISO 6886


Oxidation stability of FAME (fatty acid methyl esters) for biodiesel and biodiesel/diesel blends

Oxidation stability of FAME (fatty acid methyl esters) for biodiesel and biodiesel/diesel blends

Model 321 series of oxidation stability baths conform to the requirements of EN-14122 test method, incorporated in ASTM D6751 specifications for B100 fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) for biodiesel blending.

The 321 series employs individually heated tube technology configured to fit the specified test tube holding 3.0 gm of FAME (fatty acid methyl esters). When the sample reaches test temperature of 110ºC filtered, dry air is sparged at 10 ± 1L/hr. to each test specimen.  The benefit of individually heated tubes is each test position can be operated at different temperatures.  Both models come fully equipped with built-in AC-2 air compressor, desiccant, LM-PC, operating software, conductivity probes & flowmeters, EN-11 and EN-12 glassware, EN-13 tubes, stoppers, tubing, and hoses.

The volatiles generated (organic acids) from this oxidation process are collected in a receiver of distilled or deionized water. The increase of acidity in the receiver is measured with time with an integral conductivity measuring device. The oxidation induction period is automatically calculated based on the break in the rate of increase (second derivative) of conductivity in the receiver.

Each position’s receiver has cap with an integral conductivity probe reporting data to the PC.

  • Multiple models available to fit any budget
  • Individually heated tube technology enables each position to be tested at different temperatures and increases temperature stability
  • Conforms to EN-14112 test method for B100 biodiesel
  • Both models comes fully equipped
  • Measures oxidation stability of FAME (fatty acid methyl esters)
  • Conforms to ASTM D6751 specifications
  • Automated operation
  • Windows PC Data Acquisition Software
  • Operating temperature from 40ºto 150ºC
  • Temperature stability of ±0.1ºC
Model NumberNumber of Test PositionsDescription
321-22Automated FAME Oxidation Unit for EN15751.  Individually heated tube. 2 test positions. Fully equipped.
321-44Automated FAME Oxidation Unit for EN15751. Individually heated tube. 4 test positions. Fully equipped.

Note: LM-PC Lawler supplied computer. Specify desktop PC or laptop.

Part NumberDescription
EN-10Reactive vessel (test tube), ea 150 mm length. For B100 biodiesel. EN14112. (one per position).
EN-11Reactive vessel (test tube), ea 250 mm length. For biodiesel/diesel blends. EN15751. (one per position, included).
EN-12Measuring vessel (one per position, included).
EN-13Air inlet tube for EN15751. Longer length to fit EN-11. (one per position, included).
EN-14Air inlet tube for EN14112. Shorter length to fit EN-10. (one per position).
EN-15Case of quantity (100) EN-10 Reactive Vessels. Use once and dispose.
EN-16Case of quantity (100) EN-11 Reactive Vessels. Use once and dispose.
AC-2Replacement Air Compressor. Method requires 10 L/hr per position.