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Indiana Stirring Oxidation Test (ISOT) – JIS K 2514


The Lawler model ISOT is semi-automated and specially designed to perform the Indianna Stirring Oxidation Test.  ISOT is used for the evaluation of the oxidation stability of conventional oils.

This instrument has two test positions with individually heated tubes. The great advantage of the heated tube technology is it eliminates the need for using expensive and hazardous bath medium making it completely liquid free. Also, each position has individual precision stirrer motors with near perfect rpm accuracy and temperature probes.  This allows both test positions to be run independently.  Meaning the operator can start and stop either position without affecting the other. Finally, each position’s temperature and stirrer speed is controlled by a microprocessor based control system.  This system has a touch screen interface specifically designed to be user friendly.

For increased safety, inside the instrument are two high limit temperature controllers to prevent over heating.


  • Conforms to ISOT and JIS K 2514
  • Semi-automated
  • Individually heated tube technology
  • Liquid free bath, no expensive and hazardous bath medium required
  • Two test positions
  • Two individual stirrer motors
  • Two temperature probes
  • Touch screen interface with microprocessor control system
  • Each test position can run independently
  • High limit temperature controllers for safety
  • Maximum temperature of 250ºC
  • Temperature stability of +/- 0.1°C
  • Precision stirrer motor with max speed of 1800rpm
Part NumberDescription
IST-1ISOT test beaker
IST-2ISOT beaker cover
IST-3Temperature probe and connector
IST-4ISOT stirrer paddle
IST-5Test specimen coupon for ISOT