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The Lawler Mission

To provide comprehensive, analysis equipment and solutions to meet the needs of the petroleum fuel, lubricants, greases, and oils industry both domestically and internationally. Succinctly put, Lawler has a single mission, and that is to ensure our customers are not only satisfied with our solutions, but are ready and willing to refer new business. Our sole concern is customer delight through safety, reliability, and regulatory compliant solutions to meet or exceed today’s industry best practices.

Since 1945, Lawler Manufacturing has provided the petroleum based fuels and oils industry with testing methodology, application specific solutions all under strict regulatory compliance. In 65 years, these facts have remained constant. Our customers have told us some of our greatest features that set us apart from competitors are:

  • We supply laboratory apparatus to the international and domestic fuels and lubricants industry
  • Our individually heated tube technology which allows independent control for each test position in one single analyzer; thus allowing multiple tests to be running at different start times and temperatures
  • Fully automated analyzers for rust corrosion, cloud point, pour point, cold filter plugging point (CFPP), freeze point and data acquisition
  • We provide instruments for the testing of diesel fuels, jet fuels, lubricant oils, and greases such as automatic transmission fluids (ATF) and hydraulic gear oils
  • We have highly trained and experienced engineers that can serve as a one-source R & D department
  • Provide specialized instruments for low temperature Brookfield viscosity, kinematic viscosity, low temperature filterability, foaming tendency, and oxidation stability of oils
  • Our ability to produce user specific test procedures and specifications for custom laboratory testing instruments

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