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Rubber Property ASTM D471, D865


Rubber Property-Effect of Liquids and Heating by Air

Rubber Property-Effect of Liquids and Heating by Air

The Oxidation stability tube heating bath concept is similar to a heated aluminum block except that individual aluminum sleeves are used. The sleeve is sized to snugly fit a test tube, or bomb of the specific test method requirements.

Each test position’s sleeve is individually heated and controlled with a sample temperature stability of ±0.1º C. The set point between any neighboring tube may differ as much as ±40º C, thus allowing tests at varying temperatures in the same apparatus. By using several different sized sleeves, several test methods may be conducted in the same apparatus at one time.

Each position’s temperature may be independently adjusted in 0.1º C increments on the Windows based remote PC or Integral Touch Screen interface. The operating temperature range is from +50º C up to +300º C.

Each position may have a mass flow controller precisely inputting the air or oxygen into the test specimen. The individual mass flow controllers are adjustable via the Windows based remote PC or the Integral Touch Screen interface.

PID parameters for each individual test position can be optimized for greater temperature stability.

Software demonstration diskette is available on request.

  • Replaces Aluminum Block and Oil Baths
  • Eliminates the Non-uniformity of Aluminum Blocks
  • Light weight vs. Conventional Aluminum Blocks
  • Rapid Heat Up and Cool Down
  • Each Position Individualy Temperature Controlled
  • Operating Temperature of 50º C to 300º C
  • Temperature Stability of ±0.1º C
  • Gas Mass Flow Controller for each Test Postition
  • Interfaced to a Windows Based PC
  • Any number of Positions from 10 to 100 or higher to meet any heating test requirements