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Low Temperature Torque of Ball Bearing Grease – ASTM D1478, D4693


Low Temperature Grease Torque Test

Low Temperature Grease Torque Test

These cold air chambers and the included bearing test rigs conform to the requirements of ASTM D1478 Low Temperature Torque of Ball Bearing Greases as well as ASTM D4693 Low Temperature Torque of Grease Lubricated Wheel Bearings test methods.

The top-opening, well insulated cold air chamber is mechanically refrigerated by two hermetically sealed, maintenance-free compressors, arranged in a cascade configuration. Air chamber temperature stability of ±0.1°C is maintained by a digital indicating temperature controller. The digital temperature display shows air chamber temperature to 0.1°C resolution. Additional digital temperature displays are provided for measuring test bearing temperature in the case of ASTM D4693.

For both test methods the torque is measured by a strain gauge and is digitally displayed.

Either model can be configured with one or two independently operated electric drive systems (1 rpm) externally mounted on either side of the air chamber. A thermally insulated drive shaft is used to reduce heat gain by the test bearing. A torque safety limit, stops the electric drive motor if the torque exceeds a preset limit thus protecting the test rig and the drive shaft from damage.

  • Conforms to ASTM 1478 AND 4693
  • Corrosion-free stainless steel air chamber
  • Anodized corrosion-free aluminum extrusion and composite aluminum panels
  • Vigorous air blower system with specialized plenum design for turbulent air dynamics ensuring uniform air temperature
  • Redundant high temperature safety limits
  • Precision digital torque measuring system with built-in overload protection
  • Precision speed control motors for shaft rotation equipped with protective torque limit feature
  • Environmentally friendly cascaded ref system cools to -75°C with ±0.1°C stability
  • Microprocessor-based digital control and data acquisition system
  • User friendly Windows-based simple and intuitive software.
  • Software monitors, records, and analyzes three temperatures and two torque readings at a one second interval
  • Bearing temperature, chamber temperature, test run time, initial torque, peak torque, and average torque all calculated and recorded by software automatically
  • Four adjustable software charts present data in an easy-to-understand interface
  • All calibrations, run-time parameters, and historical test data stored in windows file management system
  • Software has auto zero feature for torque readings, eliminating necessity to auto zero before every test
  • Straight forward and intuitive calibration procedure
  • All data printable and exportable to csv format for manipulating in Excel or other data management systems such as LIMS
Model NumberNumber of Test PositionsTest MethodCabinet DimensionsShip Weight lbs/cu.ft
64-101ASTM D147835x36x36 (120x90x100)725/43
64-112ASTM D147848x36x36 (120x90x100)925/58
64-201ASTM D469335x36x36 (120x90x100)725/43
64-212ASTM D469348x36x36 (120x90x100)925/58
64-222ASTM D1478 | ASTM D469348x36x36 (120x90x100)925/58
Part NumberDescription
K/1Single conversion kit, from D4693 to D1478 offers addition test flexibility by converting the bearing tester rig from one method to the other.
K/2Same as above but two conversion kits, from D4693 to D1478.
F/1Single conversion kit, from D1478 to D4693 offers addition test flexibility by converting the bearing tester rig from one method to the other.
F/2Same as above but two conversion kits, from D1478 to D4693.
LM-PCPC or laptop supplied computer configured with custom Lawler software.