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Vapor Pressure of Petroleum Products (Reid Method) – ASTM D323


Reid Vapor Pressure Test

Reid Vapor Pressure Test

Model 430-4 accepts up to 4 Reid Vapor Pressure apparatus for measurement at temperatures from ambient to +100°C. It has an agitated liquid bath and adjustable overflow pipe to maintain the correct bath level when the RVP apparatus is immersed. The 21 inch deep stainless steel, insulated bath is electrically heated and its temperature control is provided by digital indicating temperature controller with resolution to 0.1°C providing temperature stability or better than ±0.1°C.

Model 430-8 is the same as 430-4 except it has a capacity of 8 samples

The cabinet dimensions are 31″x 16″x 25″. Shipping weight is 200 lbs/27 cu.ft.

  • Liquid Bath from Ambient to 100ºC
  • Accepts 4 or 8 RVP pressure vessels
  • Conforms to ASTM D323 Requirements
  • Digital Indicating Controller Temperature Stability of ±0.1ºC
Part NumberDescription
RVP-1RVP Pressure Vessel one-opening type. D323 below 26 psi
RVP-2RVP Pressure Vessel two-opening type. D323 and/or D1267 above 26 psi
RVP-3Transfer Connection Assembly
RVP-4Coupling o-ring seal between air and gas chambers, pack of 10
RVP-5Gauge and bleeder valve o-ring seal, pack of 10
RVP-6Flexible Tubing for LPG
RVP-7Bleeder Valve Assembly required for D1267 LPG
941420Pressure Gauge 5 psi/34 kPa
941421Pressure Gauge 15 psi/100 kPa
9414211Pressure Gauge 30 psi/200 kPa
941422Pressure Gauge 45 psi/300 kPa
941423Pressure Gauge 60 psi/400 kPa
941424Pressure Gauge 100 psi/700 kPa
941425Pressure Gauge 250 psi/1750 kPa
941426Pressure Gauge 600 psi/4200 kPa
DAXPaperless Videographic Recorder with flash memory card storage and Ethernet

Please inquire for other Pressure Ranges.